Tristar Jug Kettle In White 1.5L 2000W

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The Tristar Jug Kettle has a large volume of 1.5 litres, and the 2000W power ensures the water boil... more

Brand: Tristar

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Product Description

The Tristar Jug Kettle has a large volume of 1.5 litres, and the 2000W power ensures the water boils quickly. 360° rotation and removable jug make the kettle practical and simple to use . Smart design The Tristar jug kettle has a volume of 1.5 litres and a power of 2000W. Therefore, the water will heat up quickly and the jug kettle automatically shuts off when it boils. You can easily control the kettle by means of the on/off switch while the indicator light shows you if the jug kettle is powered on. The detachable filter spout prevents lime scale in the water. Easy and convenient The Tristar jug kettle is provided with an integrated heating element, which makes it easy to clean. Furthermore, it is 360° rotational which makes it perfect for both left and right handed people. The jug is removable in order to be able to fill or pour it easily. The water level indicator shows you how much water is in the kettle. Safe to use This jug kettle has white plastic housing with integrated handle and is made of BPA free material. The nonslip feet make sure the jug kettle stands stable and safe on the counter top. Moreover, the overheat protection and boil-dry protection cause the jug kettle to shut off if the water evaporates or it gets too hot. Practical jug kettle with a white plastic housing and volume of 1.5 litres The jug kettle has an integrated heating element and 2000W power Easy to control with the on/off switch, and automatic shut off feature Safe to use thanks to the overheat protection, boil-dry protection and nonslip feet The lid has an integrated filter to prevent lime scale