Tristar Chocolate Fountain 32W

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The Tristar CF-1603 Chocolate fountain is perfect for every chocolate lover, during a kids birthday... more

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The Tristar CF-1603 Chocolate fountain is perfect for every chocolate lover, during a kids birthday party or with a high tea. The fountain pumps the chocolate up so it will flow down over the layers of the fountain. For instance, you can dip in pieces of fruit and biscuits and the enjoyments can begin. Easy to use The Tristar CF-1603 Chocolate fountain is very easy to use. Turn on the fountain so it can heat up and melt some chocolate in the microwave or in a bain-marie. Add the chocolate to the fountain and the party can start! The chocolate will be pumped up with a rotating stainless steel spiral and falls down. Therefore, you can dip in anything you like. Something for everybody The Tristar chocolate fountain is perfect for a kids birthday party or during a high tea, but you can use it in any situation. All different types of ingredients can be used such as fruit, cookies, biscuits, cake or profiteroles. You can also use the chocolate fountain when eating pancakes, ice-cream or waffles. However, the fountain can even be used for savoury dishes, because even cheese sauces, barbecue sauces or satay sauces can be used. That way, there is something for everybody! Practical in use Thanks to its compact size, you can easily store the Tristar chocolate fountain when you do not use it and it will not take up too much space. It is provided with two adjustable settings, a keep warm function and an indicator light which makes it easy to operate. The nonslip feet make sure the chocolate fountain will stand stable on the counter top. What´s in the box: Tristar chocolate fountain, instruction manual Reasons to choose the Tristar CF-1603 Chocolate fountain: This chocolate fountain makes every party even more festive Versatile in use because it is suitable for fruit, cookies, pancakes, ice-creams, etc. Can easily be stored after use thanks to its compact size Keep warm function to enjoy the chocolate fountain even longer Sturdy stainless steel tower with spiral and two layers